Vecturis is a private railway operator providing transport services worldwide for passengers, mining products and commercial cargo.

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Advisory, Projects and Studies



Avenue de la Gare 2 b,

1300 Limal - BELGIUM

+32 2 626 26 80


VECTURIS is regularly looking for individuals with credible railway management experience willing to take up the challenge of contributing to the effective operation, rehabilitation or development of railway systems. Besides technical and operational positions directly linked to railway expertise, the company is also looking forward to extending its team in the general planning and management fields of finance, human resources, procurement and support services. Language skills are a plus. Send us your resume and cover letter by email: career@vecturis.com



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Staff - Empowering people

Based on its African rail management experience developed over the last 25 years, VECTURIS key asset is its international human capital and related knowledge base.

Regional capacity building and international knowledge transfer have carried VECTURIS to the build-up of a very substantial portfolio of professional and technical advisors.


Due to VECTURIS’ long involvement in the operation of different railways in Africa, a pool of professional and technical advisors are available for short- or medium- term assignments to assist us in feasibility assessments. Our experts have years of experience in their respective fields and understand both the industry and the way that VECTURIS operates.


VECTURIS has, over the years, made contact with various independent specialists in diverse fields in the railway business and has appointed some of these consultants to assist us when required.


VECTURIS has worked with a variety of private consulting firms to provide professional and technical advisory. These range from mining companies to industrial stakeholders such as cement companies.


VECTURIS can request assistance from the staff of the railways we manage in order to temporarily obtain additional capacity. All staff members are highly trained and expert in their respective fields and are involved in the day-to-day management of rail operations. Some of them can be moved to new projects, thereby ensuring an immediate transfer of experience and knowledge.


VECTURIS has, through its different projects, maintained for more than 25 years a strong relationship of credibility and trust with international institutions (World Bank, European Union, European Investment Bank, West African Development Bank, African Development Bank, etc), bilateral lenders (AFD/Proparco, KFW, FMO, etc) and commercial banks (BOA, Ecobank, etc).


Quite a story from mid-90's... 

VECTURIS' prime objective is to develop the rail activity while contributing to the improvement of the living standards of the communities directly or indirectly affected by the activity.

On the market of private railway operations in emerging economies, VECTURIS appears as one of the most experienced rail operators and has demonstrated its capacity to evolve and to adapt itself to a moving environment as well as to very different institutional or contractual schemes.

VECTURIS is committed to applying to its subsidiaries and activities all principles of good governance and transparency in its accountancy and procurement procedures.

Founded in 2006, VECTURIS was incorporated by Eric Peiffer and Patrick Claes, ensuring the continuity of Comazar Limited (Pty) initiated by them in 1995 in South Africa.

Together with the other Comazar partners, Transnet/Spoornet (South Africa) and Transurb Consult (subsidiary of the Belgian National Railways), the founding partners and their teams have been active in various countries such as Russia, Congo, Tanzania, Cameroon, Madagascar, Pakistan, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Algeria.

In all countries where rail activities were developed, strong relationships were established with local and international investment partners, as well as with commercial banks and multilateral or bilateral donor agencies. Significant experience was gained with the different forms of involvement of the private sector in the African transport industry.

Always one step ahead

The need to assist sub-Saharan African governments in reviving their railway network, a backbone of socio-economic development, has proved to be a promising but challenging endeavour. Although the modus operandi has evolved with time, the key pillar is a sound public/private partnership between the private investors and the conceding authorities.

VECTURIS' mission is to promote social and economic development, adding value by improving operation systems. The company implements a pro-active and transparent model of management while focusing on new technologies adapted to the environment and to its objectives.

Where many of the initial players from the mid-1990s have disappeared, we continue to accumulate valuable experience and to build a positive image based on strong governance and transparency. One of VECTURIS’ main management principles is to endeavour to always conciliate public interests and social or environmental issues with the necessity to make those entities profitable by improving productivity and efficiency.

Press release
20 July 2022

Angolan Government’s Ministry of Transport awards concession tender for the Lobito Corridor railway

Luanda, 20 July 2022 – The Ministry of Transport of the Government of Angola has announced the award of the concession tender for rail services and logistics support for the Lobito Corridor, a key route connecting mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to the Lobito port in Angola and international markets beyond. The 30-year concession, with the potential of a 20-year extension, has been awarded to a consortium comprising Trafigura Pte Ltd (“Trafigura”), a market leader in the global commodities industry, Mota-Engil Engenharia e Construcao Africa SA (“Mota-Engil”), an international construction and infrastructure management company and Vecturis SA, an independent rail operator.

The consortium is grateful for the efficient and transparent public tender process that the Commission of Evaluation has run that recognised the significant strengths and experience that the consortium brings to the concession. With increased dynamics in the transportation of minerals and other materials in the coming years and improved competitiveness of the rail system, it is expected that the Lobito Corridor could become the 3rd most important corridor in the SADC region by 2050.

The consortium will be responsible for the operation, management and maintenance of the rail infrastructure for cargo transport, minerals, liquids and gas for the Corridor that links the port of Lobito with Luau in eastern Angola close to the border with the DRC. As part of the concession agreement the consortium has committed to invest significant capital in improving the rail infrastructure to improve the capacity and safety of the Lobito Corridor, as well as to invest in significant rolling stock for freight operations.

Currently copper, cobalt and other metals are exported from the DRC east via Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, via Beira in Mozambique, or south via Durban in South Africa, a journey that takes several weeks or more. As export volumes have increased from the DRC due to the demand for minerals needed for the energy transition, the roads have become more congested and delays at the border more protracted. This new export corridor utilises existing national rail infrastructure, removes trucks from the roads and offers considerable cost and time savings for miners in the Copperbelt to export to international markets.

The Ministry of Transport’s press release can be read here.


For further information please contact:

Mota-Engil Press Office: Pedro Arrais, Tel: +351 22 091 3602 or pedro.arrais@mota-engil.pt

Trafigura Press Office: +41 (0) 22 592 4528 or media@trafigura.com

Vecturis Press Office: +32 (2) 626.26.80 or info@vecturis.com


A worldwide operations experience

VECTURIS is a private railway operator with worldwide operations experience. Operations are carried out either directly or through local subsidiaries created and managed by our staff

VECTURIS provide transport services - passengers, mining products and commercial cargo - through various contractual frameworks: 

  • Full concession
  • Track access agreement
  • Management contract
  • Technical assistance




  • Freight and passenger transport services
  • Mining traffic operations
  • Safety rules
  • Train control
  • Terminal management
  • Yard operations
  • Fuel consumption optimization


  • Railway infrastructure preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Infrastructure rehabilitation
  • Design, planning and implementation
  • Enhancement of signals and telecom systems


  • Rolling stock preventive maintenance
  • Rolling stock rehabilitation
  • Fleet management
  • Workshops design
  • Implementation of efficiency
  • Optimization tools


  • Assessment of market demand
  • Technical feasibility studies
  • Transport and maintenance planning
  • Train simulation
  • Train capacity optimization
  • Investment requirements definition
  • Project management


  • ERP implementation
  • HR management tools
  • Finance and accountancy
  • Extensive legal framework experience


  • Multidisciplinary training programmes
  • Extensive manuals database
  • Theoretical and field trainings
  • Driving simultaor
  • Career development

VECTURIS manages railway operations covering all aspects of the railway activity, from transportation of mining products to general freight and passengers services, from infrastructure rehabilitation and maintenance to new track laying, from rolling stock rehabilitation and servicing to maintenance and enhancement of signalling and telecom facilities. VECTURIS may also be involved in ancillary activities such as multimodal platforms and railway terminals development and management.


Advisory services for an evolving railway sector

VECTURIS provides both its subsidiaries / operated companies and third party customers (lenders, mining companies, logistics partners, government or conceding authorities) with technical assistance and rail advisory services.

Over the last 25 years, VECTURIS management has been among the leading advisors for issues involving railway concession feasibility, transport planning, investment programming, lender technical advisory, fatal flow analysis, and other related subjects.

VECTURIS provides technical assistance and rail advisory services to companies with different structures:

  • That belong entirely or partially to VECTURIS;
  • Managed by VECTURIS at a partner's request;
  • Advisory clients (lenders, mining companies, logistics partners, governments or conceding authorities).

Studies have been conducted focusing mainly on national railways undergoing a concession process. These studies include a detailed appraisal of the railway leading to a complete business plan. Each bankable feasibility study is audited by the transactional advisor appointed by the government and by the banks.


Expertise applicable to multiple scenarios

VECTURIS provides advisory services on future concession schemes as well as on the evaluation of economic, financial and operational models. VECTURIS also prepares the terms of reference for the construction of infrastructure elements (passing loops, bridge rehabilitation, etc), the acquisition of railway infrastructure materials, maintenance equipment and new- and second-hand rolling stock, among others.



VECTURIS provides procurement services to its operations under management and to third party customers through its central Vecturis Procurement Department (VPD) in Belgium. The VPD endeavours to work in total transparency vis-à-vis its clients and in full compliance with strict purchasing procedure.

The opening of our procurement department in 2007 was paramount in making the company more competitive, particularly to respond to the demands of international lenders.

Since then, the procurement group has been developing its activities in order to meet the increasing demands of its subsidiaries and external clients. The staff of the VECTURIS Procurement Department works with the latest procurement databases and brings extensive experience working with railway and industrial equipment. This experience is widely recognised and valued by leading railway equipment suppliers.

VECTURIS Procurement Department scope includes:


  • Management of international procurement of rolling stock and track maintenance equipment;
  • Acquisition of European, North- American and Asian equipment, whether new, reconditioned or second-hand, as well as spare parts, spare subassemblies and consumables for existing equipment;
  • Understanding and solving cross- cultural issues that may arise.


  • Strictly follow the procurement rules and procedures and work transparently with customers;
  • We can provide assistance in drafting tender documents, bills of quantities for projects, either self-funded or funded by international institutions (World Bank, European Investment Bank, AFDB, etc.).


  • Provide assistance with leasing, rehabilitation and overhaul of railway equipment (locomotives, wagons, track maintenance machines, sub-assemblies), upgrading, unit exchanges and rebuilding;
  • Follow-up of specific projects such as, the installation of automatic level crossing warning systems or the design and commissioning of rolling stock maintenance workshops;
  • Factory acceptance tests for railway equipment such as rails, wheel sets, and various types of rehabilitated equipment;
  • Reorganization of the supply chain and procurement departments involving: inventories, codification, procurement job descriptions, and other related areas.

Continuous learning and improvement

VECTURIS strongly believes in training its workforce, applying the "Train-The-Trainer" principle. Knowledge transfer is another key driver of VECTURIS management.

Its key feature is a state-of-the-art locomotive driving simulator which assists drivers in reaching the safest and most efficient driving standards.

To support its training strategy, VECTURIS has designed its own complete set of training manuals and equips each operation with an effective railway training academy.

The development of local talent helps guarantee the future.


Ready for tomorrow

Driven by its operational requirements, innovation is a major focus for VECTURIS. We thus constantly seek to improve our operational performance by investing in cutting-edge technologies. 

Some of the main areas of innovation for VECTURIS include rolling stock performance tracking, monitoring of technical indicators and train integrity, improvement of train stability, optimization of train movement and fuel consumption, and early derailment detection.

New technologies are used in train-to-train and train-to-base telecommunications, as well as in train geo-positioning, virtual signaling and fuel consumption optimization.

To better integrate the most advanced technologies, VECTURIS has entered into close partnerships with research and university laboratories, specialized in the collection and transmission of data.

Latest technologies

As a result, VECTURIS brings to its operations an innovative set of high-performance tools such as:


Our general traffic management system, which automatically monitors train movements, rolling stock performance and early derailment detection.

Train Control System

Our own on-board signalling system based on third party ERTMS technology.


Our own anti-collision system providing maximum traffic safety.


Third party train simulation software for optimizing train movement, track utilization, train stability and fuel consumption.


A simple, automatic and autonomous signaling solution developed by VECTURIS and aimed at improving safety by generating light and sound alarms at critical locations of a rail network (schools, community areas, populated neighborhoods, unguarded crossings, tunnels, blind curves, etc.) to announce a train approaching. It is remotely controlled and can be monitored from a centralized traffic control centre.



VECTURIS strives to be a driver of socio-economic growth and we seek a holistic approach to meet individual, social and environmental needs. Our vision of sustainable development is based on social cohesion, safety management and environmental consciousness.

In all our projects, the management team endeavours to set up a specialized group charged with implementing plans for environmental protection and social development.


VECTURIS cares for its people.

Maximizing safety is a key driver for us. Each operation relies on a specific safety management system providing rules and instructions to prevent any operational or occupational incident, and, in case the need arises, emergency response instructions. Systematic use of personal protective equipment as well as strict application of safety instructions are basic principles applied by VECTURIS.

VECTURIS cares about the environment.

Rail transport is by nature less detrimental to the environment than its direct road competitor. The protection of the environment and the social dimension of our activities are of paramount importance to us. In all our projects, the management team endeavours to set up a specialized team charged with implementing a consistent environmental protection plan fully compliant with national regulations and the best practices of the railway sector. By acting responsibly, we contribute to the improvement of the living standards of the communities living along the railway line.

VECTURIS cares for a sustainable future.

Rail transport development is one of the main pillars of domestic and regional development. Conscious of our social responsibilities, we strive to develop rail operations while contributing to the empowerment of the communities touched by the activity. By working with local contractors, the rail operation offers job opportunities (light track maintenance, infrastructure security) to local communities. VECTURIS plants a seed for the future by supporting local educational systems and through schooling programs aimed at the children of railways employees.