Founded in 2006, Vecturis was incorporated by Eric Peiffer and Patrick Claes, ensuring the continuity of Comazar Limited (Pty) initiated by them in 1995 in South Africa.

Together with the other Comazar partners, Transnet/Spoornet (South Africa) and Transurb Consult (subsidiary of the Belgian National Railways), the founding partners and their teams have been active in various countries such as Russia, Congo, Tanzania, Cameroon, Madagascar, Pakistan, Brazil, Ivory Coast-Burkina Faso and Algeria. 

In all those countries where rail activities were developed, strong relationships were established with local and international investment partners, as well as with commercial banks and multilateral or bilateral donor agencies. Significant experience with the different forms of involvement of the private sector in the African transport industry was gained.

The need to assist sub-Saharan African governments in reviving their railway network, a backbone of socio-economic development, has proved to be a promising but challenging endeavour. Although the modus operandi evolved with time, the key pillar is a sound public/private partnership between the private investors and the conceding authorities. 

Vecturis' mission is to promote social and economic development, adding value by improving operation systems. The company implements a pro-active and transparent model of management while focusing on new technologies adapted to the environment and to its objectives. 

Based on its rail management experience developed over the last 20 years, Vecturis' key asset is its international human capital and related knowledge base.