railway management

About us

Vecturis is a private railway operator providing transport services - passengers, mining products and commercial cargo - through various contractual frameworks (full concession, track access agreement, management contract, and technical assistance).

Vecturis' prime objective is to develop the rail activity while contributing to the improvement of the living standards of the communities directly or indirectly affected by the activity.

Vecturis is committed to applying to its subsidiaries and activities all principles of good governance and transparency in its accountancy and procurement procedures.

Values and philosophy


Vecturis cares about the environment.

Rail transport is by nature less detrimental to the environment than its direct road competitor. The protection of the environment and the social dimension of its activities are of paramount importance to Vecturis. In all its projects, the management team endeavours to set up a specialized team charged with implementing a consistent environmental protection plan fully compliant with national regulations and the best practices of the railway sector.

By acting responsibly, we contribute to the improvement of the living standards of the communities living along the railway line. 

Training & Skills

Vecturis strongly believes in training its workforce, applying the "Train-The-Trainer" principle.

Knowledge transfer is another key driver of Vecturis management.
To support its training strategy, Vecturis has designed its own complete set of training manuals and equips each operation with an effective railway training academy.

Its key feature is a state-of-the-art locomotive driving simulator which assists drivers in reaching the safest and most efficient driving standards.

The development of local talent helps guarantee the future. 

Research & Development

Vecturis has an ambitious R&D program to support its operational management. As a result, it is able to bring to its operations an innovative set of high-performance tools such as:

  • ATRAC®: its own global traffic management system, which automatically monitors train movements, rolling stock performance and technical conditions providing early derailment detection;
  • Train Control System: its own on-board signalling system based on third party ERTMS technology;
  • IDoRail®: its own anti-collision system providing maximum traffic safety;
  • OpenTrack®: third party train simulation software for optimizing train movement, track utilization, train stability and fuel consumption. 

Social & Economic

Rail transport development is one of the main pillars of domestic and regional development.

Conscious of its social responsibilities, Vecturis strives to develop its rail operations while contributing to the economic and social development of the communities directly or indirectly affected by the activity. By working with local contractors, the rail operation offers job opportunities (light track maintenance, infrastructure security) to landlocked communities. Vecturis plants a seed for the future by supporting local educational systems and through its schooling programs aimed at the children of its employees.