Vecturis provides technical assistance and rail advisory services to companies with different structures:

  • That belong entirely or partially to Vecturis,
  • Managed by Vecturis at a partner's request,
  • Advisory clients (mining companies, logistics partners, governments or conceding authorities).

The present managers have been involved, over the past 20 years, in various studies and operations throughout Africa.

Studies have been conducted focusing mainly on national railways undergoing a concession process. These studies include a detailed appraisal of the railway leading to a complete business plan. Each bankable feasibility study is audited by the transactional advisor appointed by the government and by the banks.

More recently, Vecturis has been providing advisory services on future concession schemes as well as on the evaluation of economic, financial and operational models.

Vecturis has also prepared the terms of reference for the construction of infrastructure elements (passing loops, bridge rehabilitation, etc), the acquisition of railway infrastructure materials, maintenance equipment and new and second-hand rolling stock, among others.