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Vecturis is currently carrying out a detailed study of Vale's Nacala Corridor redevelopment project.

In late 2014, Vecturis was awarded a contract to carry out a detailed study of a project, already in an advanced state of construction that will extend the Nacala Corridor to permit exporting coal from Mozambique’s Moatize coal fields.

The 912 km corridor, which passes through the mid-section of Malawi, will handle export coal to a new port facility at Nacala, Mozambique.  The corridor is expected to permit the transportation of 18 Mtpa of coal while also serving local general cargo and passenger needs.

Working on behalf of the project’s sponsors and a group of international lending institutions, Vecturis initially deployed a multi-disciplinary 10-member team to Mozambique and Malawi in early 2015. 

Since then, Vecturis has completed various reports and mobilized smaller teams for additional visits to the Corridor as well as to attend other related meetings in Brazil and Europe.  A two-week visit to Mozambique and Malawi occurred in April 2016 and included the first end-to-end recording of the Corridor’s track geometry.



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