Vecturis' R&D department specifically focuses on the development and optimization of railway management tools.

Driven by its operational requirements, Vecturis has identified a couple of areas where operational performance and safety could be enhanced thanks to the application of new technologies based on specific data transmission, on-board computers, and collection procedures and protocols.

Cutting-edge technologies are used in train-to-train and train-to-base telecommunications, as well as in train geo-positioning, virtual signalling and fuel consumption optimization.

Some of the main focuses of the department include:

  • Automation of rolling stock performance; 
  • Monitoring of technical indicators and train integrity; 
  • Optimization of train stability and train movements; 
  • Early detection of damages arising from them; and
  • Monitoring of track conditions, etc.

To better integrate the most advanced technologies, Vecturis has entered into close partnerships with research and university laboratories, specialized in the collection and transmission of data.